Episode Four ~ The Boy Who Cried, “LOVE!!!”

Love is the answer, at least for most of the questions in my heart. Like why are we here? And where do we go? And how come its so hard?
-Jack Johnson, “Better Together”-

In my experiences, to speak…with authority…on the subject of love…is foolish, at best, when hoping to genuinely connect with another person.  Thus, I do not profess to speak with authority on the subject…for anyone other than myself, anyway…

It is up to you to decide…with authority…how you prefer to experience Love, after all.

Instead, I will speak with AUTHENTICITY…of how I feel…and how I experience the authority that Love has for revealing, and bringing into focus, the purpose(s) of my life.

If you perceive that your authority is greater than mine, then I bow to you and look “up” to where you exist…for THAT is the direction I am intentionally headed.

On the other hand, if you find “my” perspective somehow exceeding “yours”…what is humorously and Divinely reflected back to “me” in those moments…is that is was “me” who was “looking up” in that moment…and so I blame myself for how I feel!

And so, in looking “down,” and remembering…again…that as soon as I decide to look “down” again…I am already at or above the level that I perceived of myself, only moments before…and so it goes…over and over and over again…”we” are living through a “seemingly” endless river of these “moments of reflection”…in-a-mirror-in-a-mirror-in-a-mirror…

And, of course, when I say “we”…I am referring to these endlessly generated present and past versions of “myself”…  Again, I would not presume to speak about your experiences…

Having said that….the ancient axiom, “As Above, So Below…As Within, So Without” reminds me that the greater, collective, WE…which includes “you”….are all ONE!  The Mayans say (In greeting and departure), “In Lak’ech”…”I am another You.”

While romantic love is what “woke me up” to the Spiritual dimensions of my existence, “my” perspective has evolved to recognize that all forms of love are equally important to comprehend!  ESPECIALLY the forms of love that have a capital “L”…if ya get my drift…

Ultimately…intimately…MY wish, is that “you” will see…”you” will FEEL…that “my” purpose is “your” purpose…that it is “our” fundamental human purpose to embody and express LOVE!

Sat NAM!, My beautiful Brothers and Sisters!  It is Agape Love that I wish to share with YOU…

It was through learning about and beginning to resonate with this type of Love that allowed me to Love ALL the past versions of myselfs, and to open and expand my current self to experience Love for ALL forms of Life!


Agape Love has a definition that distinguishes it from those forms of love with which most of us are familiar….philia (brotherly love) and eros (an affection of a sexual/romantic nature).

Agape Love…Divine Love…embraces universal, unconditional Love.  This form of Love transcends and persists regardless of circumstances, excuses, or human feelings.

Agape Love is the purpose…the path…and the product of “my” ENTIRE journey into Discovering The Wetikó!

All You Need Is LoveLove Is All You Need
-John Lennon-

Agape Love…it IS the NAME! of the game!

Next Piece: Episode Five ~ The Love of Power: Controlling Humanity…That We May Learn The Art of Surrender

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