Episode Two, Part 2 ~ Willful Ignorance: The Problem In Science Today

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
Albert Einstein

Severely broken, in my experience, is society’s understanding of the fact that there is only ONE way to correctly use the scientific method!!!

Ignoring data that does not support a researcher’s hypothesis…creating false data…and other manipulations of the actual scientific process, have allowed for the perspective to weave it’s way into our culture, that it is possible to have more than ONE correct answer to any question.

When properly applying science, this could not be further from the Capital “T” Truth!

There is only ever ONE correct answer at the end of any process that employs the scientific method…ALWAYS!  Capital “T” Truth is always simple and clear in that way.

Ultimately, our society…our culture…is behaving in an insane manner, when one considers that Einstein’s words apply to the ongoing misuse of the scientific method.

Misusing science, over and over again, and expecting that tool to have an opportunity to provide one with Truth…through misuse…will never produce Truth.

Thus our collective perspective is unavoidably laced with unrealism…untruth…insanity.

To me…the fact that contemporary humans, with scientific training, are willfully ignorant of their own training and, as a result, decide to continuously mis-employ a technique for uncovering Truth that is, by design, so simple and straightforward…

Further, I have come to learn that attempting to share certain types of scientific information that I have discovered for myself…with other people…is singularly confounding, as I’ve observed the myriad reactions to my interpretations of said scientific information!

It is, to me, one of the clear hallmarks of The Wetikó’s suppurating dominion throughout our reality.

Generally speaking…when conversations “go South” for me…it is when the other individual gets upset or frustrated because they choose to take personally what is simply my perspective…

Because I decided to look for more information when they did not…and not settle for “I’m not sure.” or “That’s not meant for us to know.” or some other version of an excuse for giving up the search for understanding, meaning, and/or logic.

Obviously, I have very little patience for WILLFUL ignorance.


Ignorance, alone, is dangerous…

But to achieve understanding, by employing science for instance, and THEN make the choice to remain “ignorant”…it is ONE thing that I still struggle to accept in human culture!

☤The Golden Rule☤

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I love how the transcendent Reggae artist, Bob Marley, “mused” about it, “I want to love you and treat you right!


If there is one undeniably fundamental “law” in MY universe…that’s it!

Therefore, since ignorance is always potentially harmful…in ANY situation…it logically follows that willful ignorance is ALWAYS harmful…

One would think…that simply having the foreknowledge of potential harm should be enough information for a person to decide to never be willfully ignorant!

Willful ignorance violates The Golden Rule!

These perspectives form naturally in my mind, as I embrace the logic that comes from present-minded attentiveness to how the scientific method applies not only to experiments in a laboratory, but also to the living world around me.

You see, Divinely, science is also equally powerful as one of NAME!’s primary sources of inspiration for slackening The Wetikó’s tight grip!

In fact, just discussing the issue of willful ignorance here, for instance…from a non-emotional and scientifically-minded awareness…is allowing us to embody the perspective in a new way and, thus, we are now far less likely to engage in that activity going forward in our own lives!

The solution is easy…to actively engage a scientifically-minded present moment awareness…with the abolition of ignorance as our primary motivation in our daily lives!!!  It is actually VERY easy to do, in practice!

In Part 4,  our exploration of the life of Nicola Tesla, one of my personal Science Superheroes, will elucidate how one might use the power of science for the good of all life on earth…this is a part of NAME!‘s credo!  Sat NAM!

Next Piece: Act I, Episode Two, Part 3

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