Episode Aquarius ~ Surfing The Aquarian Wave: The Science of The Spiral Ritual…Light-Surfing!

You must understand that in the Age of Aquarius, each one shall be the leader of his own spirit. Each one will be the pivot of her life.
Yogi Bhajan


Science is, perhaps, our most effective and potent tool to use against It’s influence…

This is why, since even the inception of Science…it has been completely controlled by The Wetikó…a CONTROL that, VERY subtly, continues to guide society in the WRONG directions…literally, metaphorically, and spiritually…all in reflection of one another…

As Above, So Below…

But all along the way…the Great Fixed Cross above (The Four Fixed Signs at right angles around the Zodiac “circle”), contains…hiding in plain sight…the scientific information to decode a process of transformation…and a means to chart the progressions or in this case…precessions…of the evolution of our souls! Sat NAM!


Act III, Episode Aquarius, Part 1 ~ Light Surfing

Act III, Episode Aquarius, Part 2 ~ Letting Go Of “My” Mind

Table Of Contents

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