Episode Two, Part 4 ~ Nikola Tesla…The FIRST Age of Aquarius Science-Hero!

July 10, 2019.  Happy 163rd Birthday, Nikola Tesla!

A Man Beyond “His” Time:  Harnessing ENERGY…and The POWER of The MIND…For The People of The World!

The progressive development of man is vitally dependent on inventionIt is the most important product of his creative brain. Its ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of the forces of nature to human needs.
-Nikola Tesla-

Tesla…Tesla…hmmmmm…why do I know that NAME?!?!

I perceive that a rapidly building wave of people, with whom I daily interact, have meow heard of the paradigm-shifting, 21st-century, electric car company…created by Elon Musk.  Heck, at this point, they may have ACTUALLY even witnessed one of these mind-bending marvels driving on the road!

However, many people STILL…usually…do not know much, if anything, of the man who was the inspiration for this company’s NAME!

Nikola Tesla (July 10, 1856 – January 7, 1943)

…MUCH LESS do they know about what manifested through him, in the form of profoundly paradigm-shifting…one could even say, “paradigm-generating”…scientific inventions that, forever after, dramatically improved…in nearly every capacity…the lives of ALL human kind!

Here are a FEW examples of what “Paradigm-Generation” looks like…

In general, I am awed by the era of rapid technological advance that unfolded across the three decades at the turn of the last century…the 1880s, 1890s, and into the 1900s.

Particularly fascinating, to me, was the exponential shift in society’s evolution with all forms of energy usage…electricity for sure, but fossil fuels as well…which exploded over a far shorter period of time, during the last few years of the 1890s and through the first decade of the 20th century!  It happened fast!  REALLY fast!  I mean…like…WOW fast!  Exponential Potential!!!

Along with several other “main characters” in this origin story of “The Energy Age”…Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, Guglielmo Marconi, and J.P. Morgan

I was inspired to “dive deeply” and study THIS man, his personal story, his unique way of thinking and his resulting life choices…


…because he stands apart from the rest, as the ONE who was working towards solutions for ALL of humanity!

Born at the stroke of midnight, on July 10, 1856…amidst an intense LIGHTENING storm…the midwife discerned this as a “bad omen” for the newborn, reportedly commenting that he would be child of darkness!

However his mother KNEW better.  She replied:

No, he will be a child of LIGHT!
Georgina Duka Tesla

But for a mother’s intuition, she could not have known the PROFOUND accuracy of her prophetic words!

Nikola Tesla was driven by the dream of victory for everyone!  Not a personal victory or a financial victory…a victory for the people!  A REAL-life, “People’s Champion!

What I did NOT intend…or know I would be learning…was that I would ALSO discover, for myself, how Nikola Tesla’s life story would align him with multiple…synchronously overlapping…interpretations of, what I meow discern to be, his True NAME!

People’s Champion of Energy!!!

“Nikola” is a Latinized version of the Greek words “Nikos” (meaning “Victory”) and “Laos” (meaning “People”)…thus, “Victor(y) of The People.”  Or put another way, “People’s Champion!”  The English adaptation of the same NAME! is, “Nicholas.”

Regrettably, there is not much to be found…online…to indicate the origin of the word “Tesla.”  HOWEVER, one site suggests that it means “From Thessaly,” which is a region of Greece that was known as “Aeolus” during the age portrayed in Homer’s timeless epic, “Odyssey” (Circa 750BC)…

…and this would be where several…seemingly unrelated…”threads of thought” become intricately intertwined, so that I may “weave” the image of Mr. Tesla that I wish to present to you!

Accordingly, please stay with me over the next few moments while I “dress the loom” and we venture away from a direct discussion about this fabulous man!

It will all “FIX in place”…in your mind…as Tesla’s story then proceeds to…unwind!

I will spiral back to…what I consider to be…a thought-provoking metaphoric connection between Tesla’s life, the history of the 20th century, and Homer’s “Odyssey,” at the end of this piece.

Relevant here, though, is that in the 10th book of Homer’s EPIC story…you know, “early on”…Odysseus and his “faithful” crew encounter Aeolus, the ruler of a mysterious floating island with the NAME! Aeoli.

This character is portrayed as the “warden of all The Winds” and plays a short, but significant role in the burgeoning story-line, as he gifts Odysseus “The Four Winds” in a magic bag…save the West Wind, which he commands to blow Odysseus and his crew directly home to Greece…

And Yay!  WOW, the SHORTEST epic of all time!!!

Just kidding!  Of course…those who are familiar with the story, know that that is NOT how things end for Odysseus and his crew…but, as I said, I’ll spiral back to that later!


Given this solid historic reference/connection, though, it seems reasonable…to me…to discern a definition for “Tesla” that has the potential to LITERALLY be related to “Wind.”

People’s Champion of The Winds!!!

And from there, it is within reason that his last NAME! could be discerned to mean “Energy“, as I suggested above, or even “Power“…but that requires a slight intuitive/metaphoric “leap of logic,” does it not?

Therefore, another “thought thread” is relevant here…to provide a little color“…for this “Tapestry O’ Tesla!”

From an Astrological point-of-view, down through time Aeolus was increasingly “upgraded” from merely a “warden of all The Winds” to being metaphorically depicted as Ruler/God of The Winds…and he shares archetypal connections with the Roman God, and willfully UNIQUE 7th planet of our solar system, Uranus

YES…this really does, in fact, ALL flow back through Tesla! (AND…I will be further expounding upon Uranus, Aquarius, the metaphoric aspects of The Four Natural Elements (actually 5 elements), and other Astrology topics…like the “Qualities” of the Zodiac (Cardinal, Fixed, & Mutable), for instance, in later Episodes)!

I am merely…merrily…planting “thought seeds” here!

In this case, the “thought seed” contains the notion of thinking metaphorically, laterally, and/or imaginatively…versus literally and linearly…or, shall we say, logically and rationally?

Or put another way, thinking from a position of intuition and imagination versus one of “established” and/or “real-world” knowledge and wisdom…

I’m SURE you UNDERstand ME!

In my own journey, fluency in metaphoric thinking was a fundamental “requirement” or “choice I made,” for gaining access to…and then STANDING UNDER the Astrological unpacking process….from a, relatively, stable position of acquired knowledge and wisdom, that ONLY time and experience provide…

And THEN….unfolding inside my mind in lateral vs. linear fashion…the astonishingly precious archetypal knowledge AND intuitive wisdom patiently “waits” to be found in Astrology and other ancient esoteric systems of thought…Divine Sunshine in The Mind!

For example…the aforementioned “Qualities of The Zodiac”…metaphorically exemplifying the three phases of Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” and, simultaneously, the unknowable exponential potential within the trajectory of a human life…via a succinct description of the life cycle of flowering plants!

CardinalFixed – Mutable
SeparationInitiation – Return
BirthingExisting – Declining

Let us “look in” upon the humble, sheltered, tightly-encapsulated beginnings…inside the seed.  Ever so peaceful and quiet…and then BOOM (Cardinal/Separation/Birthing)!

The moment of germination unleashes that pure, raw, life-force energy and, if the environmental conditions are supportive, that life-force energy expands abundantly through an unpredictably dynamic lifetime journey (Fixed/Initiation/Existing)…from young sprout to mature plant, blooming, and fruiting…and then…passing beyond the horizon of that individual life-journey (Mutable/Return/Declining)…one can realize and actualize the profound, exponentially-amplifying, transformative power of “well-lived” life-experience…packaged to be shared as genetic wisdom…deep within the essence of multiple new seeds…for countless future generations!

One corn kernel…ONE seed from one “ear”…can lead to an entire field of individually-growing corn plants…in as little as 3 generations!

OOOOORRRRR…by adding a little energy…one corn kernel can lead to…YYYYUUUMMM!

  Either way…it is EXPONENTIAL potential!!!

OK!  With THOSE seeds planted…

Meeeeeeooooowwwww…as these, once seemingly disparate, thought threads begin to coalesce…let us briefly waft back through the…


Wind, fundamentally, is a manifested “by product” of adding energy to matter…

For instance, motivated by The Sun’s ever-diligent warming of the particles of matter suspended within our atmosphere…as gas…Classic Physics dictates that those particles will “heat up” and “begin to move more quickly”…which causes the formation of an area of high pressure.

SO…while moving away from one another by rising up (warm air rises…cool air falls), this area of high pressure leaves a low pressure area behind it…and voilá (French for “there it is”)…what we sense as “wind,” rushes across our skin “on the backs” of particles diffusing into the low pressure area!

Thar She Blows!!!  (I believe that’s Pirate for “There It Is!”)

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul
Hermes Trismegistus, “The Principle of Correspondence”

The Wind…Weaving WithinAstrology ~ Analogy

Aquarius is one of the three “Air signs” found within Western Astrology…

To my understanding of the tenets of Astrology…as an Element of Nature…Air is the state of matter that is metaphorically analogous to thoughts and/or the operations of the mind.  Whereas, Earth is analogous to physical objects, Water is analogous to emotions…and Fire is analogous to the transformational state of energy…

Wait…I thought you JUST said earlier that there are 5 elements, right?

Shhhhhhh….later…MUUUUCH later!!!  But THANK YOU for remembering! Sometimes the seeds do germinate SO quickly!

But for right meow…

Air = Thoughts/The Mind…

Gemini…Mutable Air

Aquarius…Fixed Air

Libra…Cardinal Air

Beautiful is…

Astrology to me.

OK!  With metaphoric thinking “along for the ride,” when one spirals back through the Physics of Wind, the movement of air can be intuitively “felt” to describe the movements of our thoughts…and how we “deal with/judge” those thoughts…as they incessantly blow through our minds in their sensationally subtle daily dance.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.
-William Shakespeare-

Sooooooo…full spiral…if one considers air/wind as a metaphor for highly-energized matter and/or the power of human thought, Nikola’s True NAME! is also…discernibly…synchronously aligned to the PRIMARY archetypal teachings of the 2000+-year-long Astrological Age we meow find ourselves entering!

People’s Champion of The Mind!!!

As you will see, this “FIRST Age of Aquarius Science-Hero” chose to live his life HIS way…by consistently living his Truth…as he saw it from his “Mind’s Eye”…in the face of the most powerful Wetikō-infused temptations of his day…money, fame, control, power and influence…same as it ever was…

HOWEVER!!!  It was NOT “same as it ever was” for this high-reaching humanitarian hero!

Money does not mean to me what it does to othersAll my money has been invested in inventions to make man’s life a little easier.
-Nikola Tesla-

Presumably without having the awareness or intention beforehand, he aligned himself with a life-path that personifies my previously proposed interpretations of his True NAME! (People’s Champion of Energy, The Winds/The Mind, that is.)

In doing so, for all who lived at the time to witness and record for posterity, he not only helped to LITERALLY enLIGHTen the landscape of human society, with his various scientific inventions, but he was also…simultaneously…planting “ENlightening thought seeds”…for how one might “live differently.”

He did this by simply living his life and making the choices he made.

THESE “seeds” were for US…for the future…should we decide to go looking amidst the soils of history…100+ years later!

The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken on. His work is like that of the planter, for the future. His duty is to lay the foundation for those who are to come…and point the way.
–Nikola Tesla–

…and in following his “way”…we might begin to “unlock” and/or “unravel”…germinate for ourselves…the mysterious, mystical, and magnificent “Super-Human Potentials” of the mind…hidden deep within each of us!  As it is, in my opinion, deep within the nature of our collective human potential!

And so I say Sat NAM! (True NAME!), Nikola Tesla!

Thus I have been led unconsciously to evolve what I consider a new method of materializing inventive concepts and ideas, which is radically opposite to the purely experimental and is in my opinion ever so much more expeditious and efficient.
-Nikola Tesla-

At the age of 63…in 1919…Tesla published his autobiography, “My Inventions,” as a series of articles in the “popular-at-the-time” magazine Electrical Experimenter.

He begins by describing his parents, how they nurtured him, and how an intense early-life struggle, with a type of psycho-physiological distress, forced him to mentally manifest a unique solution…which then become his mental method for solving “problems!”

As he is describing in that quote just above…he was “led unconsciously” to this novel way of thinking that, then, ultimately led to the success he had later in life, as he manifested ground-breaking invention after invention…COMPLETELY within his mind FIRST…before EVER building ANYTHING in the physical realm!

…In my boyhood I suffered from a peculiar affliction due to the appearance of images, often accompanied by strong flashes of light, which marred the sight of real objects and interfered with my thought and action.  They were pictures of things and scenes which I had really seen, never of those I imagined. When a word was spoken to me the image of the object it designated would present itself vividly to my vision and sometimes I was quite unable to distinguish whether what I saw was tangible or not. This caused me great discomfort and anxiety. None of the students of psychology or physiology whom I have consulted could ever explain satisfactorily these phenomena…

Deeply inspiring and TRULY fascinating to me, is that he learned how to do his “thinking thing” through a period of incredible internal struggle…AND this was as a very young boy, who had no one to guide him to any potential solution and little-to-kNOw wisdom yet acquired…having minimal “real world” experience upon which to draw…

The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph. Selfrealization demands very great struggle.
Swami Sivananda

Yet he found HIS way!

For…in his case…had he not, severe psychological disability, diagnosable mental illness, or perhaps even suicide would have been the likely outcome of his early life journey…

His solution?

He discovered, when these “mental attacks” manifested, that if he chose to intentionally focus his thoughts…to FIXate…on other scenes from his “limited” memory…sourced only from having traveled around his own village as a young boy…he could replace the involuntary images that relentlessly confronted him, with a mental image that was intentional.

Thus he found temporary relief…

Temporary because, as he describes, his limited acquired knowledge and experience “gradually lost all its force” as a solution.  On top of this, it was a VERY difficult state of consciousness for him to maintain…at first…

…As I performed these mental operations for the second or third time, in order to chase the appearances from my vision, the remedy gradually lost all its force. Then I instinctively commenced to make excursions beyond the limits of the small world of which I had knowledge, and I saw new scenes. These were at first very blurred and indistinct, and would flit away when I tried to concentrate my attention upon them, but by and by I succeeded in fixing them; they gained in strength and distinctness and finally assumed the concreteness of real things. I soon discovered that my best comfort was attained if I simply went on in my vision farther and farther, getting new impressions all the time, and so I began to travel – of course, in my mind. Every night (and sometimes during the day), when alone, I would start on my journeys – see new places, cities and countries – live there, meet people and make friendships and acquaintances and, however unbelievable, it is a fact that they were just as dear to me as those in actual life and not a bit less intense in their manifestations…

Incidentally, he did this as a means to keep those “other“…dominating…images and thoughts from controlling his state of consciousness…

Hmmmm…does that form of oppression sound similar to the tactics of a Wetikó YOU may meow know?

Also…LOOK OUT!!!!  Another “color-filled” Aquarian thought-thread incoming!!!  And through his OWN WORDS this time!!!

…but by and by I succeeded in FIXING them
-Nikola Tesla-

…Aquarius…FIXED Air (FIXED Thoughts)…

The primary definition of the word “fix” is: fasten (something) securely in a particular place or position.


In the context of his statement, he is not suggesting that he is “fixing” something that is broken, which I feel is the “go to” idea that most of us manifest in our minds when we hear the word “fix.”

Rather, he is describing how he succeeded in “fixing” something into a particular place…inside his mind!  He is specifically using the word “fixing,” as he references his thoughts as being the subject of his fixation process!

SO!  That quote, to me, is ASTOUNDINGLY well written, as an embodiment of the archetypal teachings of Aquarius!

And yet, I deem it unlikely that Tesla was aware of, or attempting to refer to, the teachings of Aquarius…or ANY Astrology concepts…as I discern and weave them around his words.

Hence the “magic” of metaphoric thinking…because…the seed was, nonetheless, implanted within his words…waiting there to be discovered and, subsequently, germinated in the future!

In culmination of the various metaphoric thought threads I have asked you to consider here…an “esoteric image” exists within the weave…

What I feel is MOST significant about his experiences…and the resulting mental pathways he inadvertently…fixed…within himself, as he repeated the process again and again and again……is that, when he LITERALLY ran out of other things to focus upon from his existing memory…his “knowledge base,” if you will…he began actively imagining other people and places, to which he had never been exposed!

As a result, he unconsciously “fixed his mind” into a predisposed position, where expansive imagination was the “norm” for him…his “go to” or primary way of thinking…

Why is this SOOOOO significant?!?!

I’m glad “you” asked!

It turns out that…

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
-Albert Einstein-


Imagination is MORE important…in my opinion…because when we are attending to our intuition, as we engage in the act of imagining…

I discern that my imagined thoughts arrive first, from “outside of” my conscious awareness or intention for that thought having come through me…

I do NOT generate or create the thought!

I simply recognize a mental “image” that is meow inside my mind…AFTER it is already there!


So, this occurs temporally(“in time”)…and therefore logically…BEFORE I have any knowledge about the image…before wisdom…all I have, at this stage, is a “viewed image…in-side.”

And THEN…immediately…the mental “analyzing process” begins…as I fixate upon this image…

The result of which, could be seen as knowledge that is leading to an understanding for what it is that I have, in fact, “viewed inside”/imagined!


One could argue that ALL knowledge…and, thus, ALL wisdom…materializes from imagined thoughts, that were then intuitively discerned, and subsequently acted upon in the world…to generate an increasingly wide, solid, and stable foundation upon which to stand…

ah voilá…kNOwlEDGE!

And THEN comes the benefit of wisdom, arriving through life-experiences that offer us the opportunities to test the newly acquired knowledge…to intimately learn everything we can…

We are now Godsbut for the wisdom.
Eric Weinstein

Thus, in wisdom, we come to KNOW where the edges and ledges of our knowledge exist…and where there are holes or cracks or walls…oh MY!

With wisdom we truly KNOW of the LEDGE!


The word “owl” can be found RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the word “knOWLedge!”

And EVERYONE knows that owls are wise…soooooooo!

How a 21st century human being may choose to “fix themselves” into an “imagination-first” mindset…Aquarius Lessons 101…

Considering the radical changes that tangibly manifested into the physical world through his inventions…as a result of his ability to “think like an Aquarian”…future generations may end up seeing THIS “mental quality” as being Tesla’s MOST valuable legacy.  It certainly qualifies him, in my mind, as an Age of Aquarius Superhero!  But he is more!

He’s “Our” FIRST Science-Hero!

An inventor’s endeavor is essentially lifesaving.  Whether he harnesses forces, improves devices, or provides new comforts and conveniences, he is adding to the safety of our existence.
-Nikola Tesla-

Occurring separately from, but simultaneous to, his struggle to harness the power of his imaginative mind…at a young age…the larger-than-life, “Science-Hero,” aspects of Nikola’s nature were, independently, being deeply cultivating within him, by the examples that his parents set…as best they each could…for his forthcoming scientific prowess as an inventor, but also metaphorically inspirational for generating his heroic humanitarian aspirations!

In reading his words about them, I smiled wide…because not very often, these days, do I hear people “sing the praises” of their parents…especially when speaking about their life as they grew up!  SUCH eloquence he had, in his reverence for them.  Underlined, are the statements that, to me, show how his parents were setting literal and metaphoric examples for the cultivation of this future Science-Hero…

My mother was an inventor of the first order and would, I believe, have achieved great things had she not been so remote from modern life and its multifold opportunities.  She invented and constructed all kinds of tools and devices and wove the finest designs from thread which was spun by her.  She even planted the seeds, raised the plants and separated the fibers herselfShe worked indefatigably, from break of day till late at night, and most of the wearing apparel and furnishings of the home was the product of her hands.  When she was past sixty, her fingers were still nimble enough to tie three knots in an eyelash.
Altho I must trace to my mother’s influence whatever inventiveness I possess, the training he (Tesla’s Father) gave me must have been helpful.  It comprised all sorts of exercises—as, guessing one another’s thoughts, discovering the defects of some form or expression, repeating long sentences or performing mental calculations.  These daily lessons were intended to strengthen memory and reason and especially to develop the critical sense, and were undoubtedly very beneficial.

I resonate with Tesla’s fondness for his memories of them and appreciate his choice to exemplify their strengths, and the value he gained from having such fine humans from which to generate an EXTRAordinary life!

Even still, their lives were far from perfect…

Several events occurred, before he was 20 years old, that dramatically shaped the family dynamic and affected Nikola’s developing self-image.

When Tesla was only five, the death of his older brother…who was seen as especially extraordinary in his own right, well before Nikola…deeply depressed his parents and held young “Niko’s” true potential “in check” early on…

His premature death left my parents disconsolate…  …Anything I did that was creditable merely caused my parents to feel their loss more keenly.  So I grew up with little confidence in myself…

Further…and perhaps as a result of his brother’s death…”parental predetermination” was hard at work throughout his early years…keeping him away from his eventual life-path…

Even though he was interested in engineering, science, and invention from as far back as he remembers, Tesla’s parents foresaw a role for him within the church.  It was what THEY wanted for their son.

During all those years my parents never wavered in their resolve to make me embrace the clergy, the mere thought of which filled me with dread.

In fact…as he was nearing 20 years of age…had he not contracted cholera and nearly died, they may never have relented and allowed him to follow his passion!

I contracted the awful disease on the very day of my arrival and altho surviving the crisis, I was confined to bed for nine months with scarcely any ability to move.  My energy was completely exhausted and for the second time I found myself at death’s door.  In one of the sinking spells which was thought to be the last, my father rushed into the room.  I still see his pallid face as he tried to cheer me in tones belying his assurance.  “Perhaps,” I said, “I may get well if you will let me study engineering.” “You will go to the best technical institution in the world,” he solemnly replied, and I knew that he meant it.  A heavy weight was lifted from my mind but the relief would have come too late had it not been for a marvelous cure brought about thru a bitter decoction of a peculiar bean.  I came to life like another Lazarus to the utter amazement of everybody. 

His father honored the desperate “death’s-door” promise he made to his son and, after a year-long mandatory rest and recovery period (also part of his father’s requirements), Tesla formally began studying at the Polytechnic School in Gratz, Styria…picked by his father, as it was one of the oldest and best reputed institutions.

Finally able to pursue his TRUE life path, Nikola discovered that the unique and debilitating mental experiences of his earlier days had given him a distinct advantage for how to manifest inventive concepts.

Then I observed to my delight that I could visualize with the greatest facility.  I needed no models, drawings or experiments.  I could picture them all as real in my mind.

Truly inseparable from his traumatic journey, had he not gone through the long and challenging affliction, he would never have “invented” his mental FIXING solution…and, thus, would never have achieved the mental mindset with which to manifest his future inventions!

Our traumas can be the “head waters” of our triumphs!

In fact, his confrontational experiences with this bizarre “mental affliction” did not climax until he reached the age of 25…at which time he felt certain that he would not recover…given the intensity of that particular “attack.”

Looking back decades later, he perceived that this necessary ability for “mental fixing” was truly a struggle between life and death…and that…had he ignored it, he believed, he would have died.

A thousand secrets of nature which I might have stumbled upon accidentally I would have given for that one which I had wrested from her against all odds and at the peril of my existence.

Ultimately, it was his will to live and his fascination with these potential inventions, in the form of amazing visionary ideas manifesting through his imaginative journeys, that ultimately allowed him to begin recovering!

And THEN!!!

He experienced THE vision that, a few years later, allowed him to electrify the world!

…the idea came like a flash of lightning and in an instant the truth was revealed.  I drew with a stick on the sand the diagrams shown six years later in my address before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers…

Most who know something about Tesla’s life, are aware that he is the principal inventor of THE technology, NAMEd AC (Alternating Current) power generation.

We are whirling through endless space with an inconceivable speed, all around us everything is spinning, everything is moving, everywhere is energy. There must be some way of availing ourselves of this energy more directly.
-Nikola Tesla-

“Doubting Thomas” Edison…after inventing the first practical incandescent light-bulb in 1879…was financially, conceptually, and STUBBORNLY invested in DC (Direct Current) power generation.

He began providing DC-powered electric lighting for small sections of New York City by the late 1880s.  However, it was clear…from early on…that transmitting electricity over long distances, using this technique, was fraught with problems that made it technically and financially impractical to produce on a commercial scale…and only in urban areas at that.

Tesla arrived in New York City in 1884.  He was in America because he could not find anyone in Europe who was competent enough, in his opinion, to see the truth of what he saw in AC.

He figured that one of his personal heroes, Thomas Edison, would be able to “get it.”

The meeting with Edison was a memorable event in my lifeI was amazed at this wonderful man who, without early advantages and scientific training, had accomplished so much.
-Nikola Tesla-

Along with his invaluably magical mind, Tesla arrived with something of GREAT tangible value…which he immediately handed to Mr. Edison.

This was a recommendation letter from Tesla’s former supervisor in Paris, Charles Batchelor, a man whom Edison personally knew and trusted to run many aspects of his various European operations.  The letter from “Batch” read: “I know two great men and you are one of them; the other is this young man.”  Edison hired Tesla on the spot, to work for his Edison Machine Works, at Menlo Park, New Jersey.

Deeply “dug into” the DC method, though, Edison was not interested in Tesla’s concepts for AC.  Instead, he immediately set Tesla to the task of improving the existing DC generators…reportedly offering a bonus of $50,000 to master the challenge.

For nearly a year my regular hours were from 10.30 A.M.  until 5 o’clock the next morning without a day’s exception.  Edison said to me: “I have had many hard-working assistants but you take the cake.”

When the job was completed, Tesla went to his boss for payment and, while being laughed at, was told that the $50,000 was a practical joke and, further, that he (Tesla) just did not understand American humor.  This was a major blow to Tesla’s ego and he resigned his position.

After a year digging ditches, ironically for the purpose of placing Edison’s DC power cables underground, Tesla was able to secure enough financial capital…from a couple different investors…to open a small laboratory and begin constructing the first commercially-practical alternating current motor…and the various other devices that would be needed to transmit the power to consumers.

Tesla’s new business partners also helped to publicize for him, issuing press releases to spread awareness about the new technology and helped him to publish a paper about his invention.

After a live demonstration at the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, on May 16, 1888, George Westinghouse found out about Tesla’s AC motor and a “cash and company stock” offer…worth $60,000…was made for the licensing of the patents.  Included in the offer, was a royalty for Tesla of $2.50-per-horsepower generated and a job for him…as a consultant…at Westinghouse Electric, with a salary of $2,000-per-month (~$55,000-per-month in today’s dollars)!  Tesla agreed and began modifying his invention to work within the parameters of Westinghouse’s existing technology.

And thus began…

The “War” of The Currents!!!

Featuring!!!  Tesla and Westinghouse Vs. Edison and J.P. Morgan

Synchronously, available later this year as a major Hollywood movie, this part of the story…for me…CLEARLY distinguishes Nikola as The People’s Champion amongst the “cast” of men who “co-starred” in the birth of The Energy Age!

To be fair, Westinghouse…too…was a fabulous example of the heroic aspects of human potential…but this is “Niko’s” story!


Thus, Westinghouse…to me…is like a “Robin” to Niko’s “Batman”…the PERFECT partner at the PERFECT time!

Edison and Morgan were heroes too…NO DOUBT!

They each contributed…vastly…to the positive effects and glorious outcomes that humanity’s adaptation of electricity created.


However driven they may each have been…by an appreciation for the art of inventing or by their humanitarian aspirations for this technology to benefit the people of the world…Edison and Morgan’s ACTIONS revealed that they were primarily “in it” for the money and the ability to control the industry.  These are the more “malignant virtues” of the capitalist/materialist/Wetikóist mindset.

Westinghouse will kill a customer within 6 months after he puts in a system of any size.
-Thomas Edison-

Morgan helped Edison to wage a relentless anti-AC propaganda campaign, focusing on the high-voltage “dangers” of this type of power transmission.  They FALSELY claimed that AC was a “death current,” that would only lead to disaster if implemented…killing people and starting massive fires that would burn down the city!


Their tactics…in my “professional” opinion…were PURE Wetikó!

FIRST OF ALL!  Edison oversaw the use of AC power in public “weekend demonstrations” to purposely electrocute animals found wandering the streets of New York City!

They even “took out” a Coney Island circus elephant using AC!  Rationalizing this action because the elephant “murdered” 3 men.  Animals do NOT commit murder!  ONLY HUMANS DO THAT!

Then, when asked to advise the State of New York on a new way to execute condemned criminals, Edison recommended the implementation of an AC “electric chair,” powered by a Westinghouse generator!

The first time they attempted to use it…the results were gruesome…to say the least!

The execution of William Kemmler, August 6, 1890

Afterwards, Edison and Morgan even tried to popularize the word “Westinghoused”…in the press…as a substitution for “electrocuted!”

It obviously did not take!

Morgan also…nearly…succeeded in ensuring bankruptcy for Westinghouse, by using his powerful influence on Wall Street to spread additional fallacious rumors about Westinghouse Electric being financially unstable…which caused investors to stay away.  Reportedly, Morgan then attempted to take over Westinghouse Electric, by using his power and influence to manipulate the stock market!


The People’s Champion saves the day!

Once he became aware of Westinghoue’s desperate financial dilemma, Nikola recognized that he could keep his business partner afloat, if he decided to forgo his VALUABLE royalty agreement of $2.50 for every horsepower generated!

Mr. Westinghouse, you have been my friend, you believed in me when others had no faith; you were brave enough to go ahead…when others lacked courage; you supported me when even your own engineers lacked vision to see the big things ahead that you and I saw; you have stood by me as a friend…You will save your company so that you can develop my inventions. Here is your contract and here is my contract—I will tear both of them to pieces, and you will no longer have any troubles from my royalties.  Is that sufficient?

This agreement, at the time he decided to GIVE IT AWAY, had already created a debt of $1,000,000 owed to Tesla by Westinghouse Electric…and it would have, ultimately, made Tesla the first billionaire in history…had he been able to keep it!

When natural inclination develops into a passionate desire, one advances towards his goal in seven-league boots.
-Nikola Tesla-

Not to suggest that his decision was an easy one, but by that stage of his scientific journey, Tesla was already beginning to focus on even more amazing “high frequency” discoveries!  This was after completing his work on AC!  So…at that time, it appeared to Nikola, his personal financial concerns were permanently behind him.  Little did he know…though!

The Decisive “Battle” That Ended The War of The Currents!

Westinghouse and Tesla were able to significantly underbid Edison to win the contract for the first all-electrically-powered World’s Fair in 1893.

May 1, 1893

It is difficult to image what is was like for the 100,000+ people who packed into the fair grounds on that first night…waiting for President Grover Cleveland to press the button that would turn on Nikola Tesla’s invention…and end The War of The Currents!

It is even harder for me to imagine what it was like to live in the “dark” world before electricity.  The only thing that seems comparable, to me, is to know what it was like to live in the world before the internet.

But to see 90,000+ light bulbs turn on…all at the same time…for the FIRST time…what an experience that must have been to witness in person!  It fills me with “tingly” inspiration just to imagine it!

The primary reason that history records this event as, effectively, the end of The Current War, is that Lord Kelvin…another 19th century Science-Giant…was at the fair, and personally witnessed Tesla and Westinghouse’s success.

At that time, he was heading a commission to determine how to draw power from Niagara Falls.  Finding his answer here, Westinghouse Electric was awarded the ambitious job and Tesla personally oversaw the construction process.  By 1895, the first AC-power plant went online at Niagara Falls, New York…and the “war” was over!

In his auto-biography, Tesla recalled that…as a child…he was inspired to build little water turbines because he was fascinated by a description he had heard of Niagara…

and pictured in my imagination a big wheel run by the Falls.  I told my uncle that I would go to America and carry out this scheme.
Thirty years later I saw my ideas carried out at Niagara and marveled at the unfathomable mystery of the mind.
-Nikola Tesla-

It is nearly impossible for me to comprehend the magnitude of this singular contribution.  Entire industries were created as a result of being able to bring AC electric power into our homes and businesses.

Tesla was meow internationally famous and praised across the world as a HERO!

The world was changed in truly indescribable ways.  And The People, suddenly, wanted to know MUCH more about this mysterious Champion, who had changed all of their lives so dramatically!  The press bequeathed him a new NAME!:

Wizard of The West

One of his biggest fans, author Mark Twain, was frequently a guest at Tesla’s laboratory…and was often a willing participant in the various unusual demonstrations of high-frequency electricity.  This iconic image shows Tesla looking on from the background as Twain “plays” with the energy!

On one occasion, Twain supposedly lost control of his bowels because he was sitting…for too long…on a metal plate that was vibrating at an extremely high frequency.  Tesla believed that sitting on it would help Mark with his chronic intestinal issues!  It felt SO good to Twain, that he refused to get off…until he realized what was about to happen!

Tesla basically never ceased working and inventing for the rest of his life.  He EASILY could have stopped after AC and he would have been able to live the “good life.”  But he was driven to constantly “push the envelope” of what was possible with energy.  He worked tirelessly and at all hours of the day and night…not the lifestyle of a “normal, everyday family man!”

I do not think you can NAME! many great inventions that have been made by married men.
-Nikola Tesla-

People’s Champion Of The Power Of The Mind ~ High Frequency

BESIDES AC!!!  The most profound and influential of Tesla’s inventions and discoveries are SO fundamental to our modern world, that it is hard to tell them apart these days.  They all have one thing in common, however, high-frequency electricity.

While he did not invent Edison’s FIRST light bulb, he did invent other types of light bulbs like fluorescent and neon…and that was before he got into working with lightening…LITERALLY!

He also invented the technology that led to the first use of radio waves for the transmission of information.

Tesla’s demonstration of a radio-controlled boat, in 1898, CLEARLY illustrates that he was…by then…already SO familiar with radio technology, that he was displaying the potential for its use at much more sophisticated levels than “simply” sending and receiving signals at greater and greater distances…which was what, by 1898, Guglielmo Marconi was doing that drew so much attention to him AND…later…earned him a Nobel Prize!

Marconi is a donkey!
-Nikola Tesla-

Since The People’s Champion of this story was much more interested in manifesting free wireless power for all of humanity (Yes, you read that correctly!)…and other revolutionary uses of this new “high frequency” form of energy transmission…versus ONLY using it for sending and receiving information, radio was an invention that…ultimately…was not appropriately credited to Nikola Tesla until six months after his death…in 1943…when the Supreme Court overturned several key patents for which Mr. Marconi had claimed ownership!

Again, like the other “main characters,” Marconi was a hero of the age, in his own right.  I do not wish to diminish his contributions…they were significant or we would not remember his NAME!

Marconi is a good fellow. Let him continue. He is using seventeen of my patents.
-Nikola Tesla-


As evidenced by his mind-boggling 278 confirmed patents in 26 countries (111 in the US alone), Tesla’s research, inventions, and discoveries were consistently raising the bar of what was possible for the new 20th century.  He was either the primary inventor or was “accidentally” discovering many technologies that were later credited to others, simply because Tesla was not attempting to claim ownership over everything with which he experimented.

X-rays, remote-controlled devices, radar, robotics, lasers, wireless communications…history records these (and more) inventions as awarded to other men…but Tesla was there first time and again…often YEARS ahead of others.

AND ultimately we come to what may end up being the most important scientific discovery in all of “recorded” human history (One that nearly no one…yet…knows about or can access)…FREE wireless energy transmission!

It is not a dream, it is a simple feat of scientific electrical engineering, only expensiveblind, faint-hearted, doubting world!
-Nikola Tesla-

The Magnifying Transmitter ~ Wardenclyffe Tower at Shoreham, New York

The Magnifying Transmitter…this was the NAME! that Tesla gave to, what he perceived to be, his greatest invention…and the one that he focused upon for the majority of his “post-AC-invention” professional life.

He foresaw that we could live in a world without wires…where energy would be transmitted through the air…and all of our devices could simply receive the abundant power and…thus…run endlessly…forever…FOR FREE!

But it was a technology that was, perhaps, TOO futuristic…too Aquarian…for the consciousness of early 20th century society.  For people living at the time, they were just “getting their heads” around AC.

The ability to use electricity, itself, was incomparably transformative to society.  Before this time…observing a lightening bolt passing through the sky, was as close as anyone could come to even conceptualizing electricity…much less HOW it could be used.

Surprisingly, Tesla’s construction project for his “Worldwide Wireless System” in New York was primarily funded by J.P. Morgan!  This is surprising, to me, because…after what had happened during The War of The Currents…Tesla was still interested in taking Morgan’s money.  But it does speak to the determination Tesla had for manifesting this life-long dream…that he was willing to ignore past slights and find a way to move forward for the benefit of ALL!

In fact, Morgan contributed financial support to the Niagara project as well…so it is clear that the “financial hero” of this story was willing to “play both sides,” hedging his bets throughout the entire era…as ANY shrewd investor would do, I suppose!

It seems that this guy had his “hands” in almost EVERYTHING back then!

Unfortunately, Morgan eventually pulled out of the wireless project.  Tesla initially led Morgan to believe that he intended to construct a tower for wireless information transmission.  He did not directly disclose, to Morgan, his plans for wireless power transmission.  When Tesla came back to Morgan to request a third installment of additional funds to complete the project, he had to “come clean” about why it was taking so long and costing so much more…  Morgan declined further support…and Tesla’s Wardenclyffe power station dream never became fully operational.

A Man Beyond “His” Time…

From around 1915 until his death in 1943, as Tesla was becoming more and more aloof and secluded from public life, his ideas gradually moved out in front of the zeitgeist…away from the public’s ability to comprehend…further and further into the future.

Instead of finding the type of success and popularity he enjoyed after AC, Tesla found society less and less interested in his ideas.  The more he asked the public to stretch their perspectives of what was possible, the more he was shunned and re-framed as a “mad scientist,” or as a “crazy old man.”

Intimations of Mysticism and Prophecy

He began to sound more like a man “lost” in a mystical realm…like a science fiction author or a prophet…rather than the practically-proven inventor from his earlier days.

As an example, in the article “Nikola Tesla Tells How We May Fly Eight Miles High at 1,000 Miles an Hour,” published in the July 1919 issue of Reconstruction, Tesla…besides discussing the mind-blowing topics from the title of the piece…is accurately describing the future of warfare!

The advance of science to this point, however, is attended with terrible risks for the world.  We are facing a condition that is positively appalling if we ever permit warfare to invade the earth again.  For up to the present war (World War One) the main destructive force was provided by guns which are limited by the size of the projectile and the distance it can be thown.  In the future nations will fight each other thousnds of miles apart.  No soldier will see his enemy.  In fact future war will not be conducted by men directly but by the forces which if let loose may well destroy civilization completely.

But the people of that time simply could not fathom what he could see.

It was, apparently, just too much…and, despite a brief resurgence in his popularity that synchronized with his Time magazine cover…for his 75th birthday, in 1931…Tesla slowly slipped further and further into obscurity…more-or-less alone and basically broke…with the New York City pigeon population, reportedly, as his closest “friends.”  He could often be found feeding them in the city parks.

The fire never left his eyes, however, until the day he was MURDERED in 1943, in the hotel room in which he lived in New York…at the age of 87…to keep the world “safe” from his “Death Ray!”

Ok…ok…that last part about being murdered is my “dark satire” personal theory!

Facts are facts, though…he DID die the night before he was supposed to travel to Washington, DC for a meeting at The White House, to discuss his “Particle-Beam Weapon” technology…hmmmm…

Reportedly, as soon as they found out he had died, agents of “our” US government immediately confiscated the majority of Tesla’s remaining documents and equipment…

I don’t care that they stole my ideaI care that they don’t have any of their own.
-Nikola Tesla-

As I mentioned at the beginning, for me…more than his scientific achievements…it was the way he lived his life and the choices he made, that MOST impress upon me the special and significant qualities of Nikola Tesla.

Time and again, when under attack or scrutiny from others, Tesla would not fight back against them…he just kept moving forward with his ideas.  If anything, he was able to transform all that negativity into a positive motivational force to continue his work.

Time and again, he went in the “other” direction, when presented with the option to control and/or manipulate other people or society at large…especially for the sake of money, fame, power, or influence.

I’m not suggesting the man was perfect…he had his human flaws, as we each do!

It is easy for me to get “lost” in love-struck awe, when I consider all of the technological marvels that came through his ASTROLOGICALLY ALIGNED mind.

But NO “Hero’s Journey” is complete without the tragic aspects…

Spiraling Through History ~ An aspect of Odysseus’ “Hero’s Journey,” that I see reincarnating through Tesla’s life and the 70+ years since his death:

After leaving the island of Aeoli on the calm and steady West Wind provided by Aeolus, and finally in site of the Greek coast, Homer described Odysseus as overcome with the need to rest.

Thus, he FINALLY allows one of his crew to man the ship’s rudder and lays himself down to sleep for the first time since leaving Aeoli…  They were nearly home, after all…what could POSSIBLY go wrong?!?!?!

As the story goes, his “faithful” crew then betrayed their captain by opening the bag given to Odysseus by Aeolus…to claim its unknown riches for themselves…rationalizing the decision, based on the perspective that Odysseus would be returning to Greece as a rich man…and they would be returning empty-handed…

The jealous are possessed by a mad devil and a dull spirit at the same time.
Johann Kaspar Lavater

As a result of their choice, immediately ALL The Winds were released at once…blowing their ship directly back to the island of Aeoli in a violent storm!

But this time, after learning why they had returned, Aeolus declared Odysseus and his crew “God-forsaken” and refused to help them further…banishing them from the island.  Thus, their Odyssey would continue for many more years, before they would find their way home again.

him whom heaven hates will I in no wise help.
Homer, “Aeolus” From The Odyssey-

Karmically “thwarted” by this mighty gift of The Four Winds…because THESE men were not prepared to properly respect this great power…and without any fore-knowledge of what it was that they were unleashing, they did not have the benefit of wisdom in their actions.

Unlike Odysseus, they were motivated…and undone…by greed and jealousy.  These are two Wetikó “weapons” waiting within our litany of Divine human qualities…often on display in our lives as the inversely proportional measure of a person’s “perceived” level of wisdom…

“Magical” Metaphor

To me, this “magic” bag that contained The Winds…as a metaphor…can been seen as a representation of Odysseus…an “aligned” human body…or more specifically…a Divinely...AquarianFIXED brain.  The “Winds” within the bag, metaphorically representing human thoughts…as “we” discussed earlier…

Aeolus determined, after inviting Odysseus and his crew to stay as guests on Aeoli for 30 days (Which…by the way…is also a metaphor for one Astrological “month”…30 days), that this particular “heroic” man was mentally sound…mentally strong enough…to carry a powerful gift back to the rest of humanity.  The gift being, metaphorically, the Divine power that is offered by a FIXED bag/brain that has the ability to successfully contain ALL the winds/thoughts…as within…so without…

The tragedy being…that the crew were NOT mentally strong enough to comprehend how to properly respect this powerful Divine gift!

Nikola Tesla, too, had significant men around him who reflect the failure to learn this repeating lesson from history…

Morgan, Edison, and even Westinghouse (To a lesser extent), to NAME! the most relevant.

These men, like Odysseus’ crew, were major contributing characters in the journey of bringing electricity to the world.  Each…in their own right…were brilliant, inspirational, GIANTS of men.  Tesla…FOR SURE…could not have achieved his success without ALL of them!

But unlike Tesla, they were primarily motivated by the materialist desires to make as much money as possible and to obtain vast levels of power and influence in society.

As he was making the decision to discontinue his financial support, J.P. Morgan…allegedly*…commented, once learning about Tesla’s wireless power-transmission ideas for Wardenclyffe, “If anyone can get electricity anywhere, then where do we put the meter?”  *(I’m still searching for the ACTUAL source of this quote!)

Morgan and the others…Tesla’s “crew” in this analogy…appeared to care very little about how this amazing technology could be shared with all of humanity…as a force of liberation and enlightenment.  Instead, they wanted to control and keep as much of it for themselves as they could.

And so, like The Odyssey’s “10 years of wandering”…seemingly “lost”…before “coming home”…to me…what followed in the 20th century, represents a massive “metaphoric detour” from how the human story could have unfolded.  Extending MANY of the darker aspects of our collective journey for over 100 years…before we too are coming home, having finally acquired the wisdom that can only come through experiences of doing things the “wrong” way.

I have not failedI’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
-Thomas Edison-

This is not to suggest that any of them are to blame for how things unfolded.  None of them could have known and were, themselves, Wetikó-infused “victims” of the times through which they lived.  After all, as I will be displaying in Act II, this dynamic human “Hero’s Journey” has been unfolding for MUCH longer than ONLY the past 100 years!

As I will be exploring next…in the final Episode of this first Act…for the entire picture to begin to make sense…we must choose to venture into the Wetikó’s realm…where logic, reason, and even science…as they exists in the “rationalist” form of today…begin to cause us to “lose our balance”…and we find ourselves “tripping” over what we thought we KNEW!

Thus, I can see the more frustrating aspects of Tesla’s journey, and the “dark” results of the 20th century, as “necessary” tragedies…not only that we’ve had such a long “detour”…but that history seems to repeat itself for those who do not learn these Cardinal lessons…

Tesla knew this was happening and, prophetically, he also knew that…collectively…we’d eventually find our way home…together.

Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.
Nikola Tesla

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.
-Nikola Tesla-

P.S. ~ Synchrony With Intention ~ Energetic Alignment

Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see it.
Carl Jung

In “choosing” to publish this piece at midnight (Nikola’s birth time), on July 10th, 2019…I found, after the decision was made, that in this particular “midnight moment” we are at the cusp…the “handoff” point (energetically)…between 3 Monkey and 4 Road in the current “round” of the 260-day Mayan Tzolk’in calendar (Discussed in Part 3 of Episode ONE).  July 9, 2019 is 3 Monkey and July 10, 2019 is 4 Road.

“3” carries the intention for action in the form of basic/fundamental movement.  “Monkey” represents the human gift of creativity and our ability to share that gift with the rest of the human family…as a Divine purpose.  Thus “3 Monkey” could be discerned as a day of movement for sharing our Divine creative human energy.

“4” carries the intention for stability.  “Road” represents the journey we each take through our lives…as we travel along our personal “life-path/road.”  Thus “4 Road” could be discerned as a day of stability along our life-path.

The progression of “3 Monkey” and “4 Road” reside within the 13-day “week”/Trecena that is “ruled” by the Sun Sign, “Offering.”  July 7, 2019 was “1 Offering.”

So, in the larger context of how this “Tesla piece” fits into the “story arc” of Discovering The Wetikó, I find it Divinely synchronous that I was guided to take the “creative action”/3 Monkey of…OFFERING…this piece of “stability for the journey”/4 Road to you on the anniversary of Mr. Tesla’s birthday.  To publish it on his birthday this year became the intention sometime in June…when I realized that I was close to finishing…

… (The next few paragraphs were added on July 14, 2019 (4 days after the original publication date)…

Even MORE synchronous, beautiful, and fascinating to me!!!

I woke up this morning, July 14th, and realized that…like my various interpretations of his given NAME!, a discernible interpretation of Tesla’s Mayan NAME!, 10 Flint (Which was the combination of energies on the Tzolk’in calendar on July 10, 1856), is an uncannily accurate description of the lifetime journey for this Divinely aligned human!

One Who Manifests Divine Lightening

“10” carries the intention of manifestation…like an idea becoming tangible and real in the world, for instance.  “Flint” represents the delivery of Divine Truth, which could be described as “coming like a bolt of lightening!”

As if this is not amazing enough…Nikola Tesla’s NAME! Day, “10 Flint”…ALSO occurs during the Offering Trecena!!!

To clarify…on July 10, 1856 10 Flint was the combination of energies weaving through our reality.  163 years and 6 days later, July 16, 2019, this same combination of energies is weaving through our reality.

This combination happens every 260 days…but I CERTAINLY was not aware of this, nor did I intend to publish this piece during the same 13-Day “Trecena” as was occurring when Nikola Tesla was born!

In point of fact, I did not even become aware of Tesla’s NAME! Day being within the Offering Trecena until 4 days AFTER I published this piece on July 10, 2019!

So the words you are reading right meow were added on Sunday, July 14th…8 Wisdom incidentally…because I woke this morning and the very first thought that was offered for me to consider…was that 10 Flint is two days from meow!

AND!!! AND!!!

As an Astrologically-Aligned friend of mine pointed out…July 16, 2019 also happens to be the day that the full Moon occurs during the Month of July/Cancer…the ONLY Zodiac sign “ruled” by The Moon.  As well as the final lunar eclipse of the year occurring just before this particular full moon…the yearly July full moon has a nickNAME!, “Full THUNDER Moon!!!”

Happy Birthday AND Happy NAME! Day, 10 Flint Niko!  All of this in Divine Time!

A coincidence is a small miracle when God chooses to remain anonymous.
-Albert Einstein-

And meow back to your “regularly” scheduled spiral of synchronies!!!

The next two paragraphs were part of the original July 10th piece…I’m meow finished adding more mind-blowing synchrony! 😉

When I began constructing the initial paragraphs…over two years ago meow…I could not have known that today would be the day to share this part of the story!  But considering where we are headed meow…as we TRIPP into the mystical realm…on our way to completing the “soil preparation” of Act I

The Divine synchrony comes into focus for me…and, as the Maya call it “Koyopa”/”Lightening In The Blood”…the “chills” run through my body, as I recognize the Love that I feel coming from The Universe…when I choose to align with The Divine!  Sat NAM!

Next Piece: Episode Three ~ Episode Tripp! Don’t Shoot The Messenger!!! Spiral Out…Keep Going…

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  1. Great, can’t wait to read it. Two days after we talked, on nine seed, I walked into work and told him I was retiring after the show. The last day of work will be Monday the 15th. It’s just came upon me with this great eclipse energy.This is a great feet which my energy is full into.

    Peace and Love, Claudia



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