Episode Gratitude ~ Jaguar Eyes

Soundtrack for this page: “Thank You” -Led Zeppelin-
It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.
Eckhart Tolle

In this moment, “myeyes are set free

I see

I SEE!!!

Magnificent beauty!

Surrounding ME!

We should honor Mother Earth with gratitude; otherwise our spirituality may become hypocritical.
Radhanath Swami

Gratuitously guiding my gaze

Gaia’s gregarious gifts…

gently generate glee

drawing down deeply…

within the heart of ME!

Part 1 – Gratitude For Gaia

Part 2 – Divinity In The Detail

Part 3 – Attentive Of The Beauty

Act IV ~ Loving The Wetikó

Table of Contents





  1. Beautiful. Your posts are so creative, simple, and right to the point. Thank you for re-creating gratitude in my memory where I use it as a stepping stone on the road of this present moment. 🕊

    Peace and love, Claudia



    1. Sat NAM!, 7 Storm Claudia! I am grateful for your fabulous friendship and the unique way you perceive the beauty around us…you are ever showing me how to see more! Thank you for sharing your Sacred Point of View with me!


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